He writes stories and poetry.

Short Stories

“Shivers Pond”
Constant Readers, October 2018

“Timber House”
Disturbed Digest, September 2018

“Croak Tree”
Every Day Fiction, September 2013

“Doctoring Folklore”
Fantastic Horror, The Dead and Not So Dead anthology, April 2012 (revised reprint)

“King Nothing”
NewMyths, September 2011, Issue 16

“Children of Ash”
Blotter Magazine, February 2011 (Allegory Tri-Annual Magazine honorable mention, Volume 12/39)

“And the Earth Opened Wide”
Menda City Review, March 2010, Issue 16 (listed as a notable story of 2010 by the storySouth Million Writers Award)

“Gretel and then Hansel”
Frightening Fables and Freaky Fairy Tales anthology 2010 (out of print)

“The L-Factors”
AlienSkin Magazine, December/January 2008/09

“Metallic Whispers”
StarShipSofa 2008, forthcoming, forthcoming, forthcoming

“Coldest Winter Yet”
MicroHorror, November 2008


“The Pleasures of the Borden Family Massacre”
Gallows Hill Magazine, February 2019 (prose poem; reprint)

“The Pleasures of the Borden Family Massacre”
Blotter Magazine, January 2015 (prose poem; reprint)

“The Pleasures of the Borden Family History”
Danse Macabre, issue XL, October 2010 (prose poem)


“Company Interview: Hendrick Boards Rolls Toward Animal Awareness”
Chicago Dog Walkers Reader, July 2012

“Walker Interview: Band Suns Harness Communities Through Touring, Internet, Dog Walking”
Chicago Dog Walkers Reader, November 2011